Blog Tour – May 2022 – Six Days In Rome – Francesca Giacco

Now this is something a little different…some vicarious travel for crimeworm…?

Yes, seeing as with all my medical accoutrements a trip to the doctor’s is a major operation, I thought this may be a wee taste of something different – and, oh my it was!

How so? What made it so good?

It was one of those books you deliberately read slowly, as it’s taken you to a glorious city in a really immersive way – rather like Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil by John Berendt does to Savannah, Georgia (minus the murder trial, though!) As that is one of my favourite books ever, that’s high praise indeed!

After the sudden end of her relationship, Emilia abandons the idea of a romantic trip to the Eternal City and instead turns it into a solo one, and a bit of a soul-searching one at that, aided by John, an ex-pat she meets. She starts to look at her past (and her family and friends), as well as all her possible futures, afresh, aided by her new friend.

The fact she is an artist is reflected by her highly observant character. You do have to be ready for jumps between Emilia’s memories and the present day, but they aren’t difficult to differentiate.

So it really was a bit of a holiday from Scotland then?

It was, wonderfully so! It’s more of a stream-of-consciousness tale from Emilia, rather than the action-packed book I reviewed earlier today, so might appeal to a different audience. But good writing is good writing, and us bloggers get used to different genres – it’s something I think does you good, as I always feel refreshed when I step out of the crime fiction world, adore it though I do. It’s incredible for a first book – beautiful, poetic, immersive; transporting you to another city and another country every time you picked it up.

It’ll definitely appeal to fans of travel writing, and those who loved their travels to Rome or are planning some in the future. A lovely, lovely book, coming out just in time for the summer. I adored this introduction to a highly promising young writer.

Highly recommended!

With thanks to Emily at Headline Publishing Group for inviting me on this blog tour, and for sending me an ARC. This review is my own opinion and is unbiased.

Author Francesca Giacco

BLURB: Emilia arrives in Rome reeling from heartbreak and reckoning with her past. What was supposed to be a romantic trip has, with the sudden end of a relationship, become a solitary one instead. As she wanders, music, art, food, and the beauty of Rome’s wide piazzas and narrow streets color Emilia’s dreamy, but weighty experience of the city. She considers the many facets of her life, drifting in and out of memory, following her train of thought wherever it leads.

While climbing a hill near Trastevere, she meets John, an American expat living a seemingly idyllic life. They are soon navigating an intriguing connection, one that brings pain they both hold into the light.
As their intimacy deepens, Emilia starts to see herself anew, both as a woman and as an artist. For the first time in her life, she confronts the ways in which she’s been letting her father’s success as a musician overshadow her own. Forced to reckon with both her origins and the choices she’s made, Emilia finds herself on a singular journey—and transformed in ways she never expected.
Equal parts visceral and cerebral, Six Days in Rome is an ode to the Eternal City, a celebration of art and creativity, and a meditation on self-discovery. 

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