Blog Tour – October 2021 – His Loving Wife – Miranda Smith

Back to psychological thrillers – a genre crimeworm loves! There’s so much of it out there now – how did this one measure up?

Very well, actually – Miranda Smith has created a compelling portrait of a family, who were subject to a home invasion by an ex-boyfriend of Kate, the mother of the family. As the book opens, they’re on their first vacation since this happened – and it coincides with the release of the attacker, Paul Gunter. Gunter appeared to be under the delusion that Willow was his daughter, and that was the reason for his attack on the family – Kate believed he planned to abduct her slaughter7.

What else is going on in the family?

Andrew, the father, has a secretive online men-only group called Second Chances that’s for men who’ve been through difficult experiences – but, to my mind, he’s suspicious in the way he spends so much time with these strangers! Noah isn’t coping great at school, either, being the victim of bullies. And with Kate’s mega-successful sister, Auster, and her husband David, on the sidelines, Kate constantly feels like the second-best sister.

So it’s about the aftermath of the attack?

Yes – and it gets kind of creepy when Kate starts thinking she sees the perpetrator near their holiday home. With Andrew glued to his online support group, or finding solace in a bottle of booze, it looks like Kate will have to be the one to keep her family safe. The fact is, she feels guilty because it was her ex who perpetrated the home invasion, and she hadn’t told her husband he’d been harassing her. She constantly beats herself up that she could have put a stop to things before they got so serious…

So the question is…is Paul back, and will they survive a second attack by him? As it looks like Kate is on her own…

This is a fast, enjoyable read, which bounces back and forward to different points in the year since the attack, where we see how each member of the family is coping – particularly Kate and Andrew.

Highly recommended!

Author Miranda Smith
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BLURB: I would do anything to protect my family. It’s my fault they’re in danger…

Our vacation house is beautiful. With its pastel-blue walls, the swimming pool outside, the boardwalk stretching down to the shore. My children play in the waves and my husband grills burgers on the deck. It is so peaceful.

But I can’t relax. When I drive to the store, or stroll down the beach, I am always looking over my shoulder, my heart racing. I am looking for him.

The man who nearly destroyed everything, a year ago, because of the secrets I kept.

I swear I didn’t do anything wrong. But no matter how hard my husband tries to pretend, we both know it’s not over.

This vacation was meant to be a chance to heal. Instead, I think it might break us. Because my husband still doesn’t trust me… and I’m not sure I can trust myself.

An absolutely compelling psychological thriller that will make you question how well you know those around you—and how safe you ever are. Fans of The Girl on the TrainBehind Closed Doors and Gillian Flynn will be completely hooked by His Loving Wife.