Blog Tour – July 2022 – The Daves Next Door – Will Carver

The new Will Carver! He’s gathering quite an army of fans, isn’t he?

He most certainly is! And I can totally see that continuing to go stratospheric. Now, if you’re not like me – nothing offends me; I believe it’s really important to be able to laugh at bloody everything as that’s what keeps us sane – and you’re one of those snowflake-type people, then it’s probably not a good idea to invest in this book without reading the back, or maybe downloading one of those lethal Kindle samples – but be warned, with this book I suspect you’ll definitely end up purchasing it…

The fact is, our narrator is a suicide bomber, but now we’ve got that wee bit of a warning out of the way let’s get on with the recommendation!

Will Carver is the most hilarious, unusual writers out there!

It’s almost like a stream-of-conscious riff by a comedian, this book. It’s funny, thought-provoking, ridiculously clever, with a host of supporting characters, all of whom have parts of varying size and influence. Even God has a bit part – or is it really him…? Could be someone who’s got psychosis, after all – it’s that’s sort of book. And it gets you thinking about that, “for want of a nail…” thing about how much influence the tiniest of events have. I was really thinking about it, for ages, but I’m a horrendous over-thinker at the best of times anyway.

If you’ve read other Will Carver books, some things will resonate, like a comedian referencing an earlier joke. I wish it wasn’t so hard to review! It’s funny. It’s sardonic. It’s clever. If you have a physical copy, don’t lend it out, as chances are your friends will pass it on too, or get it “borrowed” from them, and you’ll end up chasing it round the town!

I hate being so vague, but it’s horribly hard to review without ruining it. When you’re reading it, expect to find lots of snorts and laughs emanating from your mouth…hell, just read it. Read it immediately. I’ll let you go and buy a copy….

With thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for the blog tour invitation, and also to Anne and Orenda Books for the ARC. This is an unbiased review and reflects my true opinion.

Author Will Carver

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The lives of five strangers collide on a London train carriage, as they become involved in an incident that will change them all forever. A shocking, intensely emotive and wildly original new thriller from Will Carver…

A disillusioned nurse suddenly learns how to care.

An injured young sportsman wakes up find that he can see only in black and white.

A desperate old widower takes too many pills and believes that two angels have arrived to usher him through purgatory.

Two agoraphobic men called Dave share the symptoms of a brain tumour, and frequently waken their neighbour with their ongoing rows.

Separate lives, running in parallel, destined to collide and then explode.

Like the suicide bomber, riding the Circle Line, day after day, waiting for the right time to detonate, waiting for answers to his questions: Am I God? Am I dead? Will I blow up this train?

Shocking, intensely emotive and wildly original, Will Carver’s The Daves Next Door is an explosive existential thriller and a piercing examination of what it means to be human … or not.

3 thoughts on “Blog Tour – July 2022 – The Daves Next Door – Will Carver

  1. This sounds really good. The fact it has humour in it, be it a somewhat dark humour is what catches my interest. I’ve not read any of his books. Great review. 😀


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