Blog Tour – April 2022 – You’re Always With Me – Andy Maslen

So, this is an author new to crimeworm…?

He is, despite being a popular and prolific author I have to hold my hands up and say that despite hearing his name I haven’t read anything by him. That, however, doesn’t really matter as this appears to be a completely new type of book for Maslen – the psychological thriller-cum-legal thriller. And very effective it is too – he may have forged himself a new, additional, niche as an author!

So what’s the basic storyline?

It’s one of these books that’s really hard to review without giving too much away. Psychological thrillers have been done to death a bit in recent years, but Maslen’s experience and skill as a writer gives us a new and refreshing take on the genre.

Basically, Mel.Porter appears to be treating a woman who’s suffering from post partum depression – but we then learn she is the one confined to a psychiatric facility following the death of her baby son Harry. Following two.years of seemingly successful treatment she is released, only to be facing both a divorce from husband Jonathan – and a murder charge, for killing Harry. At which point the book becomes something of a legal thriller too (which I love!)

This really does sound like an amalgamation of two of your favourite genres…

It is indeed! And the writing is great, particularly when it comes to the psychological aspect – the reader really ends up doubting themselves and second guessing what is going on. It’s a very intelligently written book and I do have to say – please, Mr Maslen, may we have some more…?!

Is it fair to say it’s a hit with you, then?

Abso-bloody-lutely! It’s so difficult to find a gut-puncher of a psychological thriller nowadays, that isn’t a pale shadow of one that’s gone before. I adored the combination of the two genres; I thought it all slotted together wonderfully. I was suffering from Covid when I read the latter half of this book, hence the late review – my apologies to Anne, who organised this blog tour, and Andy, the author. I only hope my glowing review goes some way to making up for it! Seek this book out – I’ll be seeking more of the author’s work out, too – and enjoy it.

With thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for organising this tour and my copy of the book. This review has been completely unbiased.

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Author Andy Maslen

BLURB: Treating a woman for post-natal depression, therapist Mel Porter discovers a shocking truth about herself. As she battles to separate truth from lies, she must confront the most dreadful choice a wife can ever make. Believe that her husband is a killer. Or that she is.

Who is Mel Porter?

The woman claims to have murdered her own child. The confession turns out to be false but it starts a chain of events that leads to horrifying consequences for Mel. As each brick in the wall she has built around herself crumbles and falls away, a stark truth is revealed. Is she even the woman she thinks she is?

When an ambitious detective with secrets of her own arrests Mel on a charge of murder, her world descends into chaos. Memories she thought she could trust turn out to be unreliable. Her very sanity is questioned. And Jonathan asks for a divorce.

A shocking decision

In court, facing a hostile lawyer’s harrowing questioning, Mel’s faith in herself reaches breaking point. Then the jury returns with its verdict and delivers a shocking conclusion to the trial.

How much of her perfect life can Mel still believe in? And how much is total fantasy? The answer could be the difference between life and death

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