Blog Tour – January 2022 – Football, She Wrote – Various

Another football book…this is getting to be a habit for crimeworm, isn’t it?

Well, it’s something which I absorb by osmosis as it’s on in our house rather a lot, thanks to Mr. C, and he also talks about it a lot too. So it seemed only polite, when we first got together, to develop an interest in the game too (after all, he’s force-fed books and everything about them a lot of the time!) We both enjoyed Troy Deeney ‘s autobiography so much that when the offer to review this book – an anthology of journalism pieces on the female game – I was delighted to participate.

But do you actually watch women’s football? Or is it only the men’s game that’s on in your house?

That’s one thing I noticed when I first met Mr. C – he loves women’s football just as much as men’s, and is fond of saying that the women are every bit as skilful as the men, with goals and skills that are every bit as jaw-dropping and admirable. He saw his first live women’s football match in Glasgow in 1976, when he was six, and has followed it ever since. He’s as likely to be found watching a woman’s game as a man’s game, and we both adored the last Women’s World Cup, and watching the awesome Megan Rapinoe run amok for the USA. (He also has a bit of a crush on Alex Scott, so is delighted she now presents the unmissable Football Focus!)

But let’s get to the book – is it a good read?

It’s an absolutely awesome read – a collection of superb journalism on all aspects of the women’s game, and it’s history and development over the years, that I think anyone with even the slightest interest in sport in general could enjoy. It’s a fantastic mix from both players, ex-players, journalists, with exceptionally high quality writing throughout.

The one thing that strikes you throughout the book is how hard women have fought to be taken seriously in the game, whether it be as a player, a journalist, or a broadcaster. Whichever field it was in, she was in for an uphill struggle. It’s only now, when women are being paid to play, and write about, the game, that we can appreciate what trailblazers those who went before them were, who did it just for the love of it.

So to sum up your final thoughts…

I’ve always been of the opinion that, if journalism is really good, the writer can get you interested in any subject. I was lucky enough to get the option to read a book on a subject I already had a strong interest in. But I’d urge anyone to pick this book up, whether it be in the library, or the bookshop, or by downloading an eBook sample. I suspect a few pages will have you hooked – perhaps to your surprise!

Very highly recommended!

With thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to participate in this blog tour, and for Floodlit Dreams for my copy of the book.

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BLURB: From the doyenne of football writing Julie Welch’s brilliantly illuminating story of the first women’s international match after a 50-year ban to the madcap tale of two black radio rookies in China… From the trials of covering the soap opera that is Newcastle United to the glamour of establishing Real Madrid TV… From the making of the magnificent Emma Hayes to the equally amazing Mums United FC… FOOTBALL, SHE WROTE is a first: a unique collection of 20 women’s voices on the game they love. Penned by a group of experienced and new writers, and embracing memoirs, profiles, interviews and talking points taking in sexuality, diversity and inclusion, it is an anthology to make you think and feel, laugh and cry.

“A brilliantly entertaining collection showcasing a wealth of women’s voices,” ALEX SCOTT MBE

Contributors: Kehinde Adeogun, Isabelle Barker, Kate Battersby, Alison Bender, Jade Craddock, Hayley Davinson, Molly Hudson, Tracy Light, Renuka Odedra, Fadumo Olow, Katie Mishner, Christina Philippou, Jane Purdon, Ali Rampling, Louise Taylor, Julie Welch, Julia West, Cassie Whittell, Katie Whyatt and Suzanne Wrack.


Edited by Charlotte Atyeo

Curated by Ian Ridley

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