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Lesley Thomson is the author of The Detective’s Daughter series, most of which I purchased as ebooks at fantastic bargain prices before they got reissued in really lovely eye-catching new packaging by Head Of Zeus – one of my favourite imprints. I’m currently reading The Dog Walker, which is the fifth in the series, and I’ll post my review as soon as I’m done. If my concentration levels were normal, I’d have finished it by now, but due to that seizure I had I’m not reading quite as quickly as normal – although I am getting better, thankfully, and my GP tells me I should be 100% in about 3 weeks; 4 tops.

In the meantime, Lesley has generously let us have a peek at what’s on her TBR pile, as well as sharing how else she spends her time – when she’s not writing fantastically original novels! In my opinion, she has great taste – what do you think of her current choices?

Some writers don’t read while writing in case it influences their own stories. If I avoided other people’s novels I’d go nuts. I love stories. I generally have two books on the go. One for research – non-fiction – and a novel. Add in audio books when driving, a TV drama most nights (Broadchurch, The Good Wife, House of Cards, Homeland…) and I’m holding onto a fair few stories at one time.

Right now, I’m deep in Tana French’s The Secret Place, fifth in her Dublin Murder Squad series. She’s gritty, her characters are in the room. A baton is passed, a secondary character in one novel becomes centre stage in the next giving you a different take on them. The stories are rich and compelling.

I’ve just finished The Chalk Pit by Elly Griffiths, the latest Ruth Galloway. I so enjoy this series. I once wanted to be an archeologist. I went on a dig as a child, run by Professor Grimes who discovered the Temple of Mithras in London in 1954. But reading about Ruth, I couldn’t be digging in a muddy trench. Griffiths’ characters are warm and complex, she tempers dark with LOL humour. I’ve said it before, but Cathbad the Druid is something else!

I recently read To Kill A Mockingbird. I loved Harper Lee’s portrayal of children, how they see, what matters to them, the intricacies of their lives. I’ve written from a child’s point of view – I do in The Dog Walker – but Lee is consummate. Respect!

I grew up with The Archers. Events in Ambridge are as vivid as stuff in my own life. Fact and fiction is definitely blurred for me! Over six decades, the series has developed believable characters who lead believable lives in what amounts to real time. When I lived in Sydney years ago, my mum and dad sent me tapes of the Sunday omnibus. I rarely miss an episode.

I walk my poodle every day. I should say I walk with Alfred – we’re out together – he’s the perfect writer’s companion. He plays Stanley in my novels. While striding over the Downs, I’ve solved knotty plot problems with him by my side. We were out early one dark morning when I got the idea for The Dog Walker.

Next up to read is Alex Marwood’s The Darker Secret. Can’t wait…

Thanks, Lesley! And I’ll be posting my review of The Dog Walker as soon as I finish it – suffice to say I’m loving it so far, and intend to read the rest of the series as soon as I can fit them in. I will be playing catch-up for a bit, though, and I really appreciate the patience of publishers, publicists, and authors in the meantime, as well as the support of my fellow bloggers. All the book people I’ve mentioned have proved, yet again, what a generous and supportive community I have the good fortune to be a part of – thank you all!

The Dog Walker by Lesley Thomson (Head of Zeus) is available now. My review will be posted as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading, Watching, Listening To – Lesley Thomson

  1. Hi Linda,

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling quite your usual self. I do hope that things get better for you very soon 🙂

    Lesley has really come up trumps with the amount of individual guest posts she has written for the tour. Such a ‘hands on’ author who is willing to get stuck in, makes all the difference to me as a snowed under hobby blogger and reviewer.

    It is my stop on the tour tomorrow, when Alfred gets the star spot all to himself 🙂

    Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend 🙂


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  2. Thanks Yvonne – and apologies for not replying sooner! After a couple of further seizures I was admitted to hospital for tests, then when I got home my Kindle would not charge AT ALL, so had to be replaced – if it’s not one thing, it’s another! I’ll be playing catch up on reviews and blog tour dates missed, but I’ll get to them all in time, even if reviews have to be a bit shorter!
    Meanwhile, I’ll definitely check out your post. Lesley’s a great example of an author’s talent and perseverance being rewarded with a publishing contract with a major imprint. I wish her the very best of luck.


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