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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, which I think originated with Miz B at her blog which is now called A Daily Rhythm. So, as part of my effort to post more frequently, I thought I’d tell you what was on the crimeworm bedside table this week. And yes, I’m aware I’m a day late. There’s a reason for it – this book….

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I’ve been glued to most of Stuart McBride‘s In The Cold Dark Ground. This is the first of his I’ve read for a while – one in particular was a bit too gruesome for me, and there’s also the “too many series to keep up with” problem we all face. But this was fantastic…Lots of changes in Sergeant Logan McRae‘s  life, which I’d caught up on by about halfway through. He’s definitely one of the finest writers of police procedurals around at the moment – which means I’ll now be on the hunt for the missing volumes in my collection! I’ll review this one shortly, before I forget all the cracking one-liners!

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Next up is a book called Direct Hit, by Mike Hollow, which is no.1 in a new series (just what I need!) called The Blitz Detective. Having read a couple of books set during WWII, and the blackouts specifically (Without The Moon by Cathi Unsworth, my Book Of 2015 – review coming! – and Crooked Hearts by Lissa Evans – ditto, as well as Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch some time previously), and really enjoying reading about the nefarious goings-on in the streets when all was dark, this seemed like just the ticket as a follow on read. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m also reading the first Maigret novel, Pietr The Latvian. Like all Georges Simenon‘s Maigret books, it’s a slimline novel. I’ve had it for a while, but was inspired to read it by Annabel’s House Of Books, who enjoyed something of a Maigret binge last year!

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Next up – this is the question that I inevitably struggle with, as I answer it, then of course change my mind. For once I’ve no blog tours next week, so I might start Jonathan Freedland‘s The Third Woman, which sounds rather good. I’ve also got Alan Furst‘s The Spies Of Warsaw out, as I fancy something historical and/or a spy novel, and it fits the bill perfectly as both. Plus, despite him being one of our most admired spy novelists, I haven’t read any of his. (Irritatingly, it’s no.10 in a series. I’ve a few more of his, so I might try and find one earlier than no.10!) I also really need to work on finishing all the books I’ve started and are still on my GoodReads list of what I’m reading, guilt-tripping me whenever I look at them. I’ve not had a DNF since I started blogging, although some of these books have been waiting to be read for so long I’ll have to speedread the part already read, just to get me up to speed. It’s the same situation with the backlog of books I have to review, and I plan on starting re-reading those – well, the ones I don’t have copious notes on – and be a tad more organised in 2016. Hey, you at the back, stop sniggering!!

12 thoughts on “W…W…W…Wednesdays

  1. That’s the thing, isn’t it? With so many wonderful books out there, it’s really hard to make a reading and blogging plan and stick to it. As for your choices here, I admire you for the varied reading you’re doing. Historical novels, contemporary, and so many others, too! I’ll be keen to read your review, by the way, of the Macbride. Must spotlight one of his books at some point…

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    • You must! I find quite a lot of his books concentrate on his personal life, so all that took me a while to figure out. But I think I’m back in the mood for MacBride (another series, currently at no.10 – just what I need! Although at least with an established series you know what you’re getting – it’s comforting!) I’ll just haunt the charity shops, though – no buying them new. Everyone I speak to about his books never mention Logan, though – it’s DCI Roberta Steel who is the favourite! I’m not sure what book you’re at, but the children surprised me! (I’m trying to be oblique, in case anyone is very early in the series. But I think that was the biggest surprise!)

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    • I’ll need it Cleo! I wish I had your organisational skills – plus I look at my e-mails and think how can Cleo possibly have read, and beautifully reviewed another book ALREADY?! I’ve been getting easily distracted recently, reading – well, it’s really a specific book, now I think properly, so it’s probably the book, not me, hopefully. And thank you for the compliment on my reviews!


    • Hi Cathy, how are you? If you want a good crime read, this one’s perfect – although it took me a little while to catch up on developments in private lives, and there were a few surprises. The great thing with MacBride is that there’s plenty of humour in between the violence – he must be great company (hope he’ll be at Bloody Scotland this year – I’ve already booked my accommodation!)

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      • I read and reviewed Gun Street Girl last year – and I am in love with Sean Duffy! I’ve got all the others but I’m “saving” them for now, except for the new one, which I should read and review soon. I just loved his banter, which isn’t dissimilar to the way Stuart MacBride writes. You said you fancied a good crime read – well that’ll fit the bill! I haven’t read any of his other books though. Ireland is producing some fantastic crime writers at the moment – I’ve bought quite a lot of Irish crime novels in the last couple of years. I do hope you enjoy it and you get your “crime fix”, Cathy!


    • My old boss in the bookshop I worked when I was younger rated Simenon as the best crime writer ever (having said that, that wasn’t yesterday!) I was trying to remember who’d been writing about his roman durs, to go back and re-read it – I’m glad I know it’s you; now I can find it, as they’re totally new to me. I imagine they’d be quite hard to track down, as that’s just the last couple of years the Maigrets were re-issued. I’m enjoy it a great deal so far!

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  2. I’ve had a couple of books since I started blogging that turned into DNF’s. Not as many as I would have thought by now. It sounds like you are reading more than one book at a time. I usually have about three going at the same time. 🙂

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    • Yes – I always have anything between three and six on the go – although usually one will “take the lead”, as it excites me the most, and then I’ll continue with the rest, and another of them will capture my imagination – I think you need different books for different moods. It’s something I’ve always done – I used to carry a pile of books up to bed, and down to breakfast every morning, from when I was about eight (when I went to primary school, at 5 – no nurseries, at least where we stayed – I didn’t even know the alphabet! [My parents were too busy working, as the farm and house were pretty diapidated.] I was absolutely mortified!)


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