Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Hosted by Miz B at ShouldBeReading, this weekly meme allows you to showcase the books that have come into your possession this week – many of you will have a list of presents to show off. But also included are any purchases, books you’ve borrowed, ARCs – anything that’s new to you…

First on my list was a book I’ve been interested in since it came out earlier this year, but after reading FictionFan‘s glowing review of it, I knew it was a must-have. So my parents very kindly bought me a lovely chunky hardback copy (I prefer non-fiction to be in “real book” form, as it’s easier for reference purposes) of John Campbell‘s Roy Jenkins: A Well-Rounded Life. It’s going to take me quite a while to get through this, so expect a review round about…ooh, March…!

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I received a great early Christmas pressie through the post – an early proof of the new DI Marnie Rome by Sarah Hilary, called No Other Darkness. After the fantastic Someone Else’s Skin, which has made many a blogger’s “Best Of…” list for 2014, this is something to really look forward to. I really can’t see me lasting til April before reading, so I’ll have to review it as soon as I read it, and keep the review, lest I be influenced by any early reviews! I don’t have an image for what the final cover will look, I’m afraid.

I also enjoy a good spy thriller, and Edward Wilson‘s come highly recommended. And as there were three of his in the current Kindle sale, where there are some really good books at 99p upwards, I did that frighteningly easy one-click thing. I’m sure you all know what I mean…

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Also in the Kindle sale, I picked up something spooky, The Small Hand by Susan Hill. And, this book was picked in Sarah at Crimepieces Top 5 Of The Year (and she knows her stuff; if you haven’t come across her excellent blog before, do yourself a favour and pay it a visit!) It’s White Crocodile by K.T. Medina, and it’s partly set in Cambodia – a new country for me when it comes to crime fiction!

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So, these are my Boxing Day Friday Finds (a day late as I’ve been battling with my mum’s laptop, which is much more swish than mine!)…do let me know what you think of them, and if any of them pique your interest. And if you have some Friday Finds to showcase, do leave a link to yours below. Or feel free to leave any other bookish thoughts!

8 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Hi Linda. Some great recommendations and thanks for the mention of my blog. I loved the Edward Wilson book too. I hope you like it. Looking forward to more reviews in 2015.


    • Thanks Sarah. I do love the odd spy thriller – especially ones set during the Cold War! And I couldn’t resist White Crocodile at that price – can see me grabbing Euro Noir too! Hope you had a great Christmas.


  2. Ooh, glad Santa brought you the Roy Jenkins bio – you might need to do some weight training to be sure you’re strong enough to lift the book though… 😉

    I’m staying well away from the Kindle sale – I’ve still got ones I bought the last couple of years that I’ve never found time to read! Too tempting…

    Hope you had a great Christmas!


    • Yes, once I’ve read the Roy Jenkins bio I might be strong enough to tackle The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair! I was chuffed to see it in my stocking (of course, my Dad had to have a good nose at it too, so I haven’t had a chance to start it! But I’m currently savouring The Paying Guests – taking my time reading it, as doubtless it’ll be another four years or so before we get the pleasure of another Sarah Waters!)

      And yes that Kindle sale IS too tempting – you see 99p, click on a few, saying to yourself, “It’s only 99p! It’ll never be this cheap again!” and before you know it you’ve spent 12 or 15 quid!

      Do hope you enjoyed Christmas! And that Santa was good to you, and Tommy and Tuppence!

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    • Absolutely Cleo – although in a way that sort of defeats the purpose, as the intention is to get rid of my current TBR pile, not create a new one! I always have to have a good selection of books to choose from. And I already have plenty ARCs from NetGalley for 2015 – I’ve decided to make a resolution to be more organised, and set up a spreadsheet. Hey, be careful you don’t forget where you’ve hidden it!


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