Hosted by Miz B at Should Be Reading, this weekly meme asks for your answers to three questions:

1) What have you just finished reading?

2) What are you reading now?

3) What do you plan on reading next?

And here are my answers!

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1) I’ve just finished reading The Amber Fury by Natalie Haynes. I’ll not give any clues to what I thought of the book, as a review will follow shortly…

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2) I’m now reading something a wee bit different for Crimeworm – an autobiography, namely Dangerous To Know by Chapman Pincher. A renowned journalist from the end of the war onwards, he broke many huge stories. He also wrote a book which is one of the definitive studies of The Cambridge Spies (Their Trade Is Treachery.) I’ve just started it, so I’ll probably grab a faster read – fiction – as Mr Pincher’s book is definitely one to be savoured…

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3) I’m DEFINITELY going to try to get back to Marcia Clark’s The Competition this week (yes, I am aware I’ve said this before…possibly more than once…!) plus I’d also like to read a book I was sent to review ages ago, Dandy Gilver And The Reek Of Red Herrings by Catriona MacPherson. As the Dandy Gilver books are definitely part of a series, I thought I’d ask if any fellow bloggers have read any of them, and whether they enjoyed them. I’m also aware I have Val McDermid’s The Skeleton Road to continue with…(Note to self: Finish the book you’re reading before starting another. No matter how exciting the next one looks…!) What have you read/are you reading? And what’s next on your pile? (It is a PILE…admit it…!) Do let me know below…

4 thoughts on “W…W…W…Wednesdays

    • He’s quite a character! It must have depressed him, how the Express lately became such a dire (and dying!) paper when he broke so many incredible scoops in it way back. Those were the days to work at Fleet Street! It’s wonderful; I think you’d really enjoy it!


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